audio-visual performance 2020

Postponement of the audio-visual performance “At the KIWA”
due to
the spread of new coronavirus infections

Audio-Visual Performance

“at the KIWA”

KIWA ni Tatsu / きわにたつ


KIWA is not only a spatial edge and boundary

but also an extreme and limited instantaneous moment

by a metamorphosis, transformation and change of things.






Tomoko Mukai

Creative Director / Spatial Projection

Sachiko Nagata

Purcussionist and Improvisor / Muscial Performance


“At the KIWA” (KIWA ni Tatsu / きわにたつ)” is an audio-visual performance in co-operation with Tomoko Mukai and Sachiko Nagata. Tomoko Mukai engages with spatial projection (public projection) through computer-generated optical landscapes and has presented them at various kinds of sites as cultural and historical hubs in local communities. Sachiko Nagata as a percussionist and improvisator has struggled with experimental music with unique musical instruments like iron slit drums “Hamon” and others. Mukai’s projection and Nagata’s improvisatorial musical performance co-create a boundary space between “images and surrounding environment/music and surrounding environment”. The projection integrates with the view of skyscrapers like a “Shakkei (borrowed scenery)” at the Japanese garden and the musical performance harmonizes with surrounding sounds of the city. This co-creation generates an experimental place for thought at the Tochoji Temple in Shinjuku, Tokyo as one of the most significant central areas of the metropolis.

After the performance, a public talk will be held with Takashi Serizawa as the executive director of P3 art and environment and Prof. Dr Sven Hirsch of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) , who is also the science curator at the Museum Insel Hombroich in Germany.




New schedules will be announced according to the future situation
in the extended period of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL (TTF) . 

Saturday, 28 March, 2020
Time|19:30- 21:30 (open 19:00)
Duration| perfomance 19:30-20:30, public talk 20:45-21:30

*In case of rain, the performance at “Garden of Water” will be postponed to Friday, April 3rd.
Only for visitors booking public talk,
the public talk with a mini live (no extra charge!) will take place at Bunyukaku of Tochoji on March 28.
The schedule will be posted the schedule by 13:00 on that day, so please check the website on the day.





Location|“Mizu no Niwa (outdoor corridor at the Garden of Water)” at the Tochoji Temple
Address|4-34 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access|7 min. from the exit “Okidomon”, Shinjuku Gyoen Station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line







 Japanese and English (consecutive interpretation)
Moderator | Tomoko Mukai

Takashi Serizawa

the Executive Director of P3 art and environment / Director Design Creative Center Kobe〈KIITO〉

Prof. Dr Sven Hirsch

Professor of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)  /  Science Curator at the Museum Insel Hombroich


After the performance, a public talk will be held with Takashi Serizawa as a guest speaker and Prof. Dr Sven Hirsch as a member of KIWA project. Takashi Serizawa opened an alternative space named the P3 art and environment at Tochojhi Temple in 1989, who organized and curated interdisciplinary exhibitions and cultural programs from art and science at this museum based on the auditorium of this Zen temple in Shinjuku until the end of the 1990s. Since then, he has been developing and curating various kinds of art and environment-related projects without specifying the location. Prof. Dr Sven Hirsh is a science curator at the Museum Insel Hombroich in Germany, which was opened to the public under the motto of “Art in parallel to Nature” in 1987. At the public talk, they will engage in dialogue under the theme “How can human-beings face nature and technology from the perspective of art and science each other today?”





Adult (front seats)| advance ticket 3,800 yen / day-ticket 4,500 yen sold out 

Adult (side seats)| advance ticket 3,300 yen / day-ticket 4,000 yen

University students|advance ticket (front) 3,500 yen sold out / (side) 3,000 yen

Elementary, junior, and high school students|advance (front) 2,800 yen sold out / (side) 2,300 yen


* No discount of the day-ticket for elementary, junior, high school students and university students.
* Please not, the reservation for the talk event (free) only is not accepted. 
* If you wish to participate in the talk event, please purchase a “talk event ticket (free)”, when you make a reservation.

All “talk event tickets (free)” are booked.
In response to request, we will inclease 20 more seats for the talk event,
only when the performance can be held at “the Garden of Water” on on Saturday, March 28.
From February 16, we will accept reseravations for 20 seats
in the order of arrival via booking “talk event ticket (free) for extra seats” on peatix.
If you will participate in the talk event, please book it viavia peatix.
Please note, if it would rain and the performance is postponed,
we cannot inclease seats for the talk event at Bunyukaku.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

* After purchasing tickets, we will not be able to refund your money and make any cancellation.
However, you can “transfer tickets” to your friends on peatix. Please use it in that case.
* There are some side seats with obstructed view.
* Non-reserved seating in each category. Please take a seat in your reserved seat category.



Audio-Visual performance|150 people
Talk event (main hall)|
70 people (in the order of reservation)


* There is no parking space in the venue. Please use public transportation.
* Since the audio

visual performance will be held in the outdoor corridor, please take measures against the cold on your own.
* Seats will be setup in the corridor. Please take off your shoes at the entrance.
* The reservation for the talk event (free) only is not accepted. Please note.
* If you wish to participate in the talk event, please purchase a set ticket when you make a reservation.
* If you plan to visit with a wheelchair or guide dog, please contact with the Executive Committee in advance for the smooth guidance.







Audio Visual Performance

“at the KIWA”

KIWA ni Tatsu / きわにたつ


Creative Direction and Spatial Projection|Tomoko Mukai,  Musical Performance|Sachiko Nagata

Art Direction|Yuri Yoshida / Videography,  Takuma Kamaishi / Photography|Taisuke Yajima

Technical Direction|Shiro Yamamoto,  Sound Engeering|Maya Araki

Stage Management|Yoshie Tahira,  Production Management and editing|Minori Shimazaki



Planned and organized byThe Executive Committee of KIWA Project

In cooperation with Tochoji Temple, Kitakyushu Eco-Town Center,  Kitakyushu Citizens Solar Farm,
Hibikinada Biotope, NS Wind Power Hibiki Co.,Ltd.

Supported byArts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture