Demonstration “Inclusive Picnic”



Inclusive Picnic

Auditorium, Bunyukaku, Soto Zen Tochoji Temple
October 18. 2020

The demonstration of the workshop was held without participants at Auditorium, Bunyukaku, Soto Zen Tochoji Temple.

The workshop “Inclusive Picnic” emphasizes expression and the exchange of dialogue between participants, who each have individual ways of perceiving, regardless of the existence or lack of disability, while making use of their unique senses to interact with nature.

Participants will bring what they feel and think of as nature, whether it be leaves, pieces of wood, or human-made objects, and use their individual senses to express and talk about their relationship with nature.

Supervision | Tomoko Muka
Plan / Content Structure / Design | Yuri Yoshida
Video | Takuma Kamaishi

Facilitation Advice
Sound Composition | Sachiko Nagata, Percussionist
Content Structure | Michi Nagai, Clinician (Music Therapist and Nursery Teacher)

Videography | Kazuomi Furuya / Taku Arai / Suzuri Tajima
Video Editing | Kazuomi Furuya / Mizuki Jin
Sound Recording and Editing | Maya Araki
Photography | Taisuke Yajima
Text Design | Yuri Yoshida
Text Editing | Minori Shimazaki
Translation | Tomoko Mukai
English Translation Supervision | Nick Faulkner, EST Holdings / Clea T. Waite

Construction | Shiro Yamamoto
Sound Design | Maya Araki
Production Management | Minori Shimazaki

In cooperation with Soto Zen Tochoji Temple

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