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Public Talk

KIWA Dialogue




Speakers on the site

Takashi Serizawa / Tomoko Mukai / Yuri Yoshida

Video Appearance

Dr. Junji Watanabe / Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch / Dr. Clea T. Waite




KIWA Project aims to explore approaches to observing and perceiving the relationships
between urban images and nature.
It emphasizes an online series “KIWA Dialogue” published in continuous dialogues
with guest collaborators, interviewees and project members.

In the online public talk “KIWA Dialogue”,
guest speakers and project members will develop further dialogues inspired by
keywords and key themes from dialogues by speakers in video appearance.

The project had planned the workshop “Inclusive Picnic”,
in which participants with different perceptual characteristics and facilitators share their relationships
to nature by using design, projected images, music, and sounds.
Though the workshop cannot be carried out due to infection prevention,
it will be introduced with a small demonstration in the public talk.



August 20, Friday, 2021

This public talk will carry out as online live streaming from the site
on the same day of the outdoor performance “At the Kiwa”.
In case of stormy weather, the performance and public talk will be postponed to August 26, Thursday.


13:00 -15:00

Public Talk(Online Live Streaming)


〈 Schedule〉

Public Talk “KIWA Dialogue”|13:00 – 15:00|only online live streaming Ticket sales start on July 17
Speaker on site|
Takashi Serizawa|Guest Speaker, P3 art and environment Excutive Director
Tomoko Mukai|Creative Director, KIWA Project, Spatial Projection and Supervision of “Inclusive Picnic”
Yuri Yoshida|Art Director, KIWA Project, Concept and Planning of “Inclusive Picnic”

Video Appearance|
Dr Junji Watanabe | Guest Speaker, Senior Distinguished Researcher, Human Information Science Laboratory, NTT Communication Science Laboratories
Prof. Dr Sven Hirsch|Concept Partner, KIWA Project, Professor of Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Science Curator of the Stiftung Insel Hombroich.
Dr Clea T. Waite|Guest Speaker, Intermedia Artist, Scholar, Engineer, and Experimental Filmmaker

* If you would like to see the online public talk “Kiwa Dialogue”, please purchase a ticket to the venue of “At the Kiwa (Kiwa ni Tatsu)” or a ticket to its online live streaming.
* In case of stormy weather, the event will be postponed to Thursday, August 26, since it will be broadcasted on the same day of the outdoor performance “At the Kiwa (Kiwa ni Tatsu)”. * Please check the website on the day of the event.




Audio-Visual Performance “At the Kiwa” on the site and Public Talk “KIWA Dialogue as online live streaming
Ticket sales start on July 17
Adult (front seats)| advance ticket 4,000 yen / day-ticket 4,500 yen
Adult (side seats)| advance ticket 3,500 yen / day-ticket 4,000 yen

*Capacity for the performance at the venue | 35 seats each time
*Tickets for the performance at the the venue include the online live public talk, and recorded video streaming until September 5.
Audio-Visual Performance “At the Kiwa” and Public Talk “KIWA Dialogue as online live streaming
Ticket sales start on July 17
Live Streaming 2,000yen ~(support tickets)

*Tickets for the online live performance streaming include the online live public talk, and recorded video streaming until September 5.
*Due to the prevention of COVID infection, you can only choose the front or side seats category. We will guide you to your seat on the day.
*There are some side seats with an obstructed view.
*No set ticket due to reduction of numbers of the seat.
*After purchasing tickets, we will not be able to refund your money and make any cancellations. However, you can “transfer tickets” to your friends on peatix. Please use it in that case.
*The tickets for the outdoor performance “At the Kiwa” for the venue and streaming are valid for the online public talk. If you view the public talk, please purchase a ticket for the performance “At the Kiwa”
*If you are planning to come with a wheelchair or guide dog, please contact the organizing committee in advance for smooth guidance.
*Please note that there may be some changes depending on the future spread of the infection. Please check the website.




Creative Director, Spatial Projection / Supervision for the Workshop “Inclusive Picnic”
Tomoko Mukai
Concept Partner / Video Appearance at the online public talk “KIWA Dialogue”
Prof. Dr. Sven Hirsch
Art Direction / Concept and Planning for the Workshop “Inclusive Picnic”
Yuri Yoshida
Ryoji Murata
Video and Projection Engineering
Hiroshi Kanechiku
Construction Plan
Taiki Tamamura, TOKYO STUDIO CO., LTD.
Videography / Streaming
Kazuomi Furuya /TakuArai /Akihide Saito
Taisuke Yajima
Production Management /Editing
Minori Shimazaki
Production Management / Public Relation
Miki Osawa

Planned and organized by
The Executive Committee of KIWA Project
In cooperation with
Soto Zen Tochoji Temple
Hibikinada Biotope
NS Wind Power Hibiki Co.,Ltd
Supported by
Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Japan Arts Fund
Nomura Foundation
The Asahi Shimbun Foundation
‘GBfund’ Disaster Recovery Support Fund” of the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts