Exhaling from the Kiwa

A panorama projection and an installation are composed in two locations within the precincts of Tochoji Temple.
The panorama projection consists of cityscapes and riverbeds photographed with different long-exposure times in the dark.
The installation consists of fragmental texts derived from dialogue and thoughts in the fieldwork
and stones collected by shooting as an installation at the urban water’s edge.

This exhibition will be shown to the public for three days only as if it were an accumulation of soil flowing from upstream.

A public talk will be held during the exhibition.





March 3 (Fri) – 5 (Sun), 2023
Bunyukaku / Mizunoniwa 〈Water Garden〉 Soto Zen Tochoji Temple
Admission fee: Free


BunyukakuAuditoriumSoto Zen Tochoji Temple

March 3(Fri)13:00~18:30|March 4(Sat)・5(Sun)13:00~20:30


Mizunoniwa〈Water Garden〉Soto Zen Tochoji Temple

March 3(Fri)13:00~20:30|March 4(Sat)・5(Sun)9:00~20:30




All the seats are booked. The registration is closed.

Tomoko Mukai(Designer and artist for spatial projection)/Akihide Saito(Photographer/Videographer)/Takashi Suzuki(Architect)

March 3(Fri)19:00〜20:30
Bunyukaku〈Auditorium〉Soto Zen Tochoji Temple

*Capacity 15 people (please register via peatix).
*The content may be subject to change or cancellation due to the status of the spread of COVID-19.
*Please check the website before coming.
Requests for visitors
*Please take off your shoes when entering the outdoor corridor of the Water Garden
and the Auditorium of the Bunyukaku Building of Tochoji Temple.
*Please be considerate of the general visitors to the temple when you go around the exhibition.


BunyukakuAuditoriumSoto Zen Tochoji Temple

Address|4-24-3 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Mizunoniwa〈Water Garden〉Soto Zen Tochoji Temple

Address|4-34 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Access|7 min. from the exit “Okidomon”, Shinjuku Gyoen Station, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line

Project Staff

Plan and Concept / TextTomoko Mukai
Panorama ProjectionAkihide Saito
Spatial DesignTakashi Suzuki
ProgrammingRyoji Murata
Construction PlanTaiki Tamamura, TOKYO STUDIO CO., LTD.
PhotographyTaisuke Yajima
Production Management /EditingMinori Shimazaki
Planned and organized byThe Executive Committee of KIWA Project
In cooperation withSoto Zen Tochoji Temple
Supported by
Nomura Foundation