audio-visual performance 2020

[Importance]Postponement of the audio-visual performance “At the KIWA” due to the spread of new coronavirus infections Audio-Visual Performance “at the KIWA” KIWA ni Tatsu / きわにたつ   KIWA is not only a spatial edge and boundary but also an extreme and limited instantaneous moment by a metamorphosis, transformation and change of things.           Tomoko Mukai Creative Director / Spatial Projection Sachiko Nagata Purcussionist and Improvisor / Muscial Performance   “At the KIWA” (KIWA ni Tatsu / きわにたつ)” is an audio-visual performance in co-operation with Tomoko Mukai and Sachiko Nagata. Tomoko Mukai engages with spatial projection (public … Continue reading audio-visual performance 2020