Mini Live Performance “Touching Kiwa”

Touching Kiwa Audio-Visual PerformanceCo-creation of Panorama Projection and Hamon Performance Auditorium, Bunyukaku, Soto Zen Tochoji TempleOctober 18. 2020 This performance was held without audience as a mini live performance at Auditorium, Bunyukaku, Soto Zen Tochoji Temple. The performance consists of iron slit drums named “Hamon” and panorama projection composed with visual materials from across the globe. Spatial experiences like travelling between real landscapes and imagined sceneries evoke individual memories and imaginations of nature in the distance. Hamon=Iron Slit Drums Panorama Projection | Tomoko MukaiSound Composition / Hamon Performance | Sachiko Nagata DocumentationVideography | Kazuomi Furuya / Taku Arai / Suzuri … Continue reading Mini Live Performance “Touching Kiwa”